Every person in this country ought to have the chance at a better life

All too often, we hear both sides of the aisle talk about what they’re against.

But with our Better Way agenda, House Republicans are creating a positive disruption to that status quo, offering bold solutions — produced by the people and their representatives — to address the challenges we face. We’re rethinking the way things are done and building on what works.

Our Better Way to Fight Poverty presents more than forty solutions to lift people out of poverty and keep them out. Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) has been instrumental in developing these efforts and sharing them with the American people. He sees in Alabama how local groups work every day to help end the ruthless cycle of poverty in our communities, and how we can work to support these groups and their efforts.

This week, Rep. Byrne appears in Alabama Today where he elaborates on why House Republicans are so passionate about combating poverty, and highlights our plans to address this issue. Byrne says, “One thing has quickly become clear: some of the best work with the poor is being done by private, nonprofit organizations. These organizations have a real concern for the people they help. They treat those in need as human beings with real worth and openly prove to people they are loved… That is something the federal government simply cannot do, but we can learn from these organizations… And learn we must, because we simply cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the issue of poverty and expect things to change.”

Our Better Way to Fight Poverty is full of these ideas to support local communities. Ideas like increasing job training programs to provide the unemployed with the skills they need to find work. Like increasing choice in educational opportunities to allow those in poverty to escape poor performing schools. Like encouraging private retirement saving by removing the red tape that makes it costly or difficult for individuals to put money away.

Regardless of background, gender, race, or walk of life, every person in this country ought to have the chance at a better life and the opportunity to pursue their version of the American Dream. Our communities don’t have to be bound by poverty, and House Republicans are doing their part to make this a reality.

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Poverty impacts all of us. These are our friends and neighbors, our classmates and coworkers, and for some, our brothers and sisters, or moms and dads. No one should be trapped living like this, and that’s why we as House Republicans are so passionate about creating policies that get people back on their feet, not keep them down.

It isn’t an easy issue to solve, but we’re here to do everything we can to end poverty, once and for all.

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View our full plan to fight poverty here.