What do Europe’s “It’s the Final Countdown” and the American Tax Code Have in Common?

1986. That’s what they have in common.

Europe’s unexpected hit single debuted the same year the late President Ronald Reagan signed the last major reform to the American tax code.

That’s 31 years in case you don’t want to do the math.

In 1986, we were still rocking shoulder pads and headbands, parachute pants and popped collars. How many things have changed in the time since the last tax code overhaul?

This year is different.

Right now, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to move forward with bold, pro-growth tax reform that will create jobs, grow wages, and vault America back into the lead.


Our vision for tax reform…

It’s time the American tax system reward and encourage savings and investment. Our vision cuts in half the tax rates on net capital gains, dividends, and interest income.

We need permanent, pro-growth tax reform NOW.

In the last three weeks, we’ve covered the key points of the Republican vision for tax reform. With representatives and senators soon returning to D.C. from their district work weeks, we want you to be ahead on what’s coming down the legislative pipeline regarding this topic.

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GOP tax reform: