House Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers: Women’s Equality Day

Today marks the 96th anniversary of the 19th Amendment becoming law. It passed with Republican majorities in the House and Senate and finally granted women the right to vote.

In the nearly one century since this historic moment, women have made tremendous strides. If you had told me as a young girl picking fruit on my family’s orchard that I would grow up to be the 200th woman to serve in the U.S. House, I never would have believed you.

Today isn’t just about the past – it’s a challenge to continue working towards a better future for every American, and every woman.

As I said in this op-ed, a truly representative government relies on the voices of all its citizens, no matter their background or walk of life. The courageous individuals who fought for this right sparked a movement, and inspired generations of stronger, more empowered women. But it’s up to each generation to continue the work of those before them and to ensure that the legacy of these suffragists lives on.

That’s a challenge we take seriously. Today I have the privilege of joining Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) in downtown Mobile for the 2016 Women’s Forum.

Women offer a unique perspective in all areas of business and public policy, and their input should be encouraged.

Because of the suffragists, women of every background have a voice in our national political system today. This anniversary is an annual reminder of the importance of every American feeling represented and having their voice heard through representative government.

My House Republican colleagues and I are committed to strengthening that voice – that’s what our Better Way agenda is all about.

– Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05)

Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers is the Chair of the House Republican Conference and a member of the Energy & Commerce Committee