Ensuring Americans Have Access To The Vaccine

To defeat COVID, every American who wants a vaccine deserves to have access to a vaccine. That will require efficient management and effective leadership.

House Republicans are not focused on placing blame or getting credit. We want the folks across the country to have access to the vaccine. That’s why our members have proposed legislation that will streamline this process and ensure that the American people – not illegal immigrants, people who have broken the law, or terrorists at Guantanamo Bay prison – can get this vaccine and facilitate our return to normal life. 

House Republican Legislation:

H.R.387: Vaccinate More Americans Act of 2021

Press Release: Reps. Budd & Garcia Introduce Bill to Stop Vaccine Waste

On January 21, 2021, Reps. Ted Budd (R-NC) and Mike Garcia (R-CA) introduced the Vaccinate More Americans Act. The bill would allow vaccine providers to administer leftover COVID-19 vaccines to individuals eligible to receive the vaccine in the following phased allocation group, instead of letting the doses go to waste. This bill was prompted by reports nationwide, including from California and New York, that vaccines are being allowed to expire because of overly-strict and unclear state and local rules and regulations.


H.Res.81: Expressing the opposition of the House of Representatives of providing the vaccination for COVID-19 for detainees at the detention facility at United States Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, before American citizens receive such vaccination.

Press Release: Representatives Stefanik (Ny-21), Hinson (Ia-1) Introduce Resolution Prioritizing Covid-19 Vaccination Of American Citizens

On February 1, 2021, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik introduced a resolution, co-led by Congresswoman Ashley Hinson, and co-sponsored by several House Republicans, to oppose any plans by the United States Department of Defense to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay detention facility (GITMO) and detained during operations conducted during the Global War on Terrorism until all Americans have had the opportunity to be vaccinated; and asserts that efforts by the United States Government to provide vaccinations for COVID-19 should prioritize United States citizens.


H.Res.123: Expressing appreciation and recognition for the scientific, medical, and pharmaceutical community in the historic development of the COVID-19 vaccine in record time.

Press Release:  Rep. Calvert Introduces Resolution Praising Covid Vaccine Development

On February 16, 2021, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) announced he has introduced a House Resolution, H.Res. 123, expressing appreciation and recognition for the scientific, medical, and pharmaceutical community in the historic development of the COVID-19 vaccine in record time.