House votes to end DOJ’s slush funds for liberal groups

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has been dodging the Power of the Purse by compelling banks to donate money to liberal advocacy groups — instead of returning the money to the American people.

“What’s wrong with that?” you may be asking.

Well, for starters, it violates our Constitution, which clearly lays out the roles of each branch of government. The role of the legislative branch, the branch closest to the people, is to allocate funds. The entire Executive Branch, including the DOJ, must abide by the legislative process and not unilaterally spend money that is returned to the government without Congressional oversight.

Unfortunately, the DOJ is currently doing just that: creating “slush funds” and funneling money toward political causes in step with its own political agenda.

What are House Republicans doing about it?

Today, we passed the The Stop Settlement Slush Funds Act on the House Floor.

Chairman Bob Goodlatte and the Judiciary Committee put forth this legislation that ends this practice and ensures money recovered by the government  goes back into the hands of the American people.

The Stop Settlements Slush Funds Act brings accountability to the Executive Branch and requires the DOJ to send settlement money directly to the victims or to the Treasury for your elected representatives to decide how it’s spent.

House Republicans are committed to upholding the Constitution. If the DOJ has an issue with that, they’ll have to take it up with We, the People.