Editorial Boards Take Exception to the President Playing Politics with the FAA

With the FAA furloughing air traffic controllers at an alarming rate and 40% of flights delayed across the nation, editorial boards ranging from the Wall Street Journal to the Columbus Dispatch have taken notice.  Perhaps the most damning indictment of the FAA’s implementation of these furloughs comes from Chicago, home to one of the nation’s busiest airports, O’Hare International.  In fact, even the Chicago Tribune – the President’s hometown paper – has highlighted the widespread detriments of the FAA furloughs.

“Hours before the federal spending sequester began on March 1, when President Barack Obama predicted that ‘People are going to be hurt,’ he did not add, ‘Trust me, I’ll make sure of it.’  But he might as well have, as this week’s furloughs of air traffic controllers make obvious.”

This represents just one of several editorials blasting the President and the FAA for their irresponsible policies. Even the less-than-conservativeWashington Post derided the President, calling these furloughs “irresponsible” and a “danger to the U.S. economy.” It’s time for the President to stop playing politics with the American people’slives and make our nation’s skies friendly again.