Dems’ “Summer of Impeachment” Heats Up

According to Speaker Pelosi, the August recess was supposed to be an opportunity for House Democrats to tout their “accomplishments” over their first 200 days in the majority. It turns out her caucus had a slightly different plan…

July 25th (one day before the August recess began): “Pelosi pledges Dems ‘will own August’ as Democrats mark 200 days of House majority”

Today: “House Dems Near 50 Percent Support for Impeachment Inquiry”

Within a span of just three days, at least a dozen additional Democrats announced their support for impeachment – including a member of Pelosi’s own leadership team. That number has continued to grow, and it now sits at 116, which is just two votes short of the 50 percent threshold.

Bottom line: The dam has broken and Speaker Pelosi has lost her grip on her caucus. Instead of talking about issues, House Dems will spend the next six weeks promoting a baseless, overtly partisan impeachment inquiry that the American people overwhelmingly reject and only distracts from the real issues they care about.