Dems Descend Into Chaos

After the American people repudiated Speaker Pelosi and her party’s socialist agenda, the House Democrat Caucus devolved into chaos yesterday during a leaked internal call that featured finger-pointing and arguing about why they lost a number of seats this week:

  • The Washington Post: “House Democrats blame losses on polls, message, even Trump”
  • The Wall Street Journal: “Pelosi Faces Lawmakers Frustrated Over Loss of House Seats
  • The Hill: “Democrats’ post-election ‘family meeting’ descends into chaos”
  • Politico: “‘Dumpster fire’: House Democrats trade blame after Tuesday’s damage
  • The Daily Caller: “‘F*cking Torn Apart Again In 2022’ — Virginia Democrat Allegedly Lights Up Caucus Call On Election Performance”
  • National Review: “Virginia Democratic Congresswoman: ‘Don’t Say Socialism Ever Again’”
  • Fox News: “Dem caucus erupts as members say party’s leftward drift hurt moderates in election”
  • Mediaite: “House Democrats Argue, Cry, Point Fingers in Leaked Call Over Election Losses Before Trying to Find Out Who’s Leaking”
  • TheBlaze: “Anguished Democrats blame anti-police and socialist messaging for election failures during emotional caucus phone conference”
  • The Daily Wire: “Report: Congresswoman Unloads Over ‘Failure’ In House Elections: ‘No One Should Say ‘Defund The Police’ Ever Again’”

The problem for House Democrats is not their message. It’s their policies and the agenda that they support. Try as they might, they cannot credibly distance themselves from socialism because they support socialist policies. They cannot claim they don’t support defunding the police when they voted against a resolution that would have condemned the movement. They can’t argue they stand with the energy sector and the jobs that it supports when their presidential nominee and all their down-ticket candidates have vowed to ban fracking and abolish the oil industry.

Unless Democrats abandon their radical stances on issues like this, the American people will continue to reject them because the policies that they support would be devastating for the country.