Dems Continue Push To Overturn A Certified Election

Earlier this week, Rep. Marinette Miller-Meeks brought a motion to the floor that would require any individual released into the U.S. from CBP/ICE to receive a negative COVID-19 test. Something like this should be non-controversial and receive widespread support. We know COVID-positive individuals are crossing the border which allows the virus to spread in the United States. Instead of supporting this motion, Democrats decided to put their political agenda before sound policy and blocked it:

  • Fox News: “Democrats block GOP rep’s bill requiring negative COVID tests for illegal immigrants”

Offering this motion is just the latest step Rep. Miller-Meeks has taken to serve her constituents in IA-02. However, despite the fact that a bipartisan process within the state certified her as the winner of the congressional race in IA-02, Democrats are still moving forward with their efforts to steal this seat from her and install a Democrat.

This would be a massive abuse of power on Speaker Pelosi’s part, but she has also proven that she will put her political interests far above doing what’s right for the nation. Whether that was on her massive wishlist that did more to advance far-left causes than actually fight COVID, her legislation that seeks to federalize elections and protect Democrat politicians, or this instance with IA-02, it’s clear the Speaker cannot be trusted.

The electoral certification process belongs to the states. As Rep. Rodney Davis said earlier this week, “Rep. Miller-Meeks was certified the winner of Iowa’s 2nd District only after a thorough, transparent, and bipartisan process. Bipartisan recount boards, which included a member from each campaign and an agreed upon third party, in all 24 counties went through and counted and recounted every lawful vote under Iowa law. Following this process, Iowa’s bipartisan State Canvassing Board voted unanimously to certify Congresswoman Miller-Meeks the winner.”

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove’s column explains how Speaker Pelosi could steal this seat and spells out the severe consequences that would have on the integrity of our elections and strength of our institutions:

  • The Wall Street Journal (Rove): “Pelosi Might Steal an Iowa House Seat”
    • “Mrs. Pelosi could widen her margin by ousting a Republican congresswoman and installing Ms. Hart. But if she does, she’d divide the House even more bitterly. There will be payback, one way or another. We’ll soon see how desperate the speaker is.”