Dems Attempt To Shield Public From Their Radical Agenda

With speeches last night from Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Convention continues to demonstrate how their party is intent on pushing a dangerous policy agenda that would take America down the wrong path. Democrats know that their radical positions will be rejected by the American people, which is why, as Rich Lowry points out, they are doing everything possible to attack President Trump because they cannot talk about they out-of-touch plans that they support:

Karl Rove makes a similar point about Joe Biden’s candidacy, and writes in The Wall Street Journal that he is attempting to run out the clock and not talk about how his potential administration would lead the nation:

Even while Democrats attempt to shield the public from seeing how extreme their party is, evidence of their disastrous agenda has still come through this week. Whether it was the embrace of a “virulent anti-Semite,” their decision to remove “God” from the Pledge of Allegiance,” or their commitment to using the Green New Deal to “destroy capitalism,” there’s no question that Democrats are proposing a radical and dangerous path forward for our nation. As The Washington Examiner notes in an editorial, it will be the individuals who embrace socialism that will be allowed to craft policy if Joe Biden is elected: