Why do Democrats want to weaken the military?

Despite having no plans other than to repeal tax cuts/benefits for the middle class and grow the national debt with budget-busting policies, Democrats continue to talk at-length about “what’s at stake” and being “for the people.”

The truth is, our country is Better Off Now than we were two years ago with a Democrat in the White House. One of the clearest areas we can see that is in the military. Our military is stronger now, and more able to address the threats facing our country.

To see why Republican policies were needed, let’s paint a picture of what was happening two years ago. There was growing instability in the Middle East, with the attacks creeping into Europe. The previous November, terrorists attacked a concert in Paris, killing 137 and injuring more than 300. In March, three bombings occurred in Brussels at the airport and in the public transit system, killing 35 and injuring more than 300. And in July, a truck drove through a crowd in Nice, France, killing 87 and injuring more than 400.

Here at home, a man who pledged allegiance to ISIL opened fire in an Orlando nightclub, killing 49 and wounding 53 others.

These were jarring moments. They shocked us. Because terrorism was no longer a far off threat – it was becoming a frequent presence in our own backyard.

The world looked to us for leadership and help. The American people looked to President Obama for hope.

But instead of stepping up on the world stage, President Obama stepped back, allowing destructive forces to fill that void. It created humanitarian crises not seen since World War II, and left Americans more at risk than at any time since 9/11. With terror threats on the rise, this was the worst time for our defense capabilities to be weakened, but Democrats still allowed for too many ships to be unable to sail and too many planes to be unable to fly.

This neglect had a human toll. More service members died in training accidents than in combat. Our self-imposed readiness crisis is hurting our troops and their families, and Republicans have been leading the effort to rebuild the military.

House Republicans stepped up and two years ago, we rolled out our Better Way to Keep Us Safe and Free.

Republicans have taken action on a historic effort to rebuild our military, fix the VA, and take on rogue regimes around the world.

With new investments in training, equipment, and personnel, we have begun to reverse the damage of the last decade and reassert the dominance of the American military. And for the first time in a decade, our military does not have to operate under stopgap funding.

Republicans have also made major reforms to the VA so that those who served get the treatment they deserve.

At the same time, Congress has enacted tough sanctions packages against Russia, Iran, and North Korea. By holding our foes accountable and strengthening our military, Republicans are ensuring the United States continues to lead well into the 21st century and we’re Better Off Now for it.