Democrats Turn Their Back On The American People, Again

Speaker Pelosi and her party proved last week that they still are not serious about providing COVID-19 relief to the American people. Instead of working with Republicans on a common sense assistance package that would provide aid for individuals and businesses that needed it, they opted to vote on legislation that amounts to a partisan wishlist, putting their radical priorities before the interests of the nation. The media has even called the proposal, “largely a messaging tool,” and not an earnest attempt at governing, and 18 members of the Speaker’s own party opposed this bill.

For a rundown of all the bad elements of their bill and how it focuses more on advancing the left’s extreme agenda than responding to the public health and economic challenges posed by COVID-19 in a responsible way, see the following documents:

As we have highlighted, House Democrats have repeatedly failed America and consistently have chosen to cater to their far-left interests rather than delivering solutions for the people that members of Congress serve. They continue to show the country why they cannot be trusted to govern responsibly, and voting on this bill – which included no Republican input and has zero chance of passing – is the latest example of that.