Democrats To Infringe On Americans’ Constitutional Rights With Legislation That Won’t Actually Curb Gun Violence

The House will also be taking up two bills this week that amount to an unconstitutional gun grab. These bills do little to actually prevent criminals from accessing firearms, but would make it increasingly harder for law-abiding Americans to protect themselves and exercise their Second Amendment rights.

The first bill, H.R. 8, seeks to criminalize the private transfer of firearms and aims to punish law-abiding citizens who are exercising their Second Amendment right. The second bill, H.R. 1446, would delay the sale of firearms, preventing law-abiding Americans who may need access to a firearm immediately so they can protect themselves from obtaining one.

These proposals to infringe on individual’s Second Amendment rights come just a week after Democrats voted to defund the police, making clear that they are willing to put the interests of their radical base ahead of the safety and well-being of the American people.

For more information on why these bills represent bad policy that attack law-abiding Americans while doing nothing to stop bad actors, please see the below documents courtesy of House Judiciary Committee Republicans: