Democrats Refuse To Back Law Enforcement As Rioting Continues In Portland & Chicago

Over the weekend, a riot was declared in Portland after violent activists attempted to burn down a police officer’s union building:

  • CNN: “Portland Police declare a riot after people tried to start a fire at police office”
  • The New York Post: “Portland police declare riot after protesters set union building ablaze”
  • CBS News: “Riot declared in Portland after police union building set on fire”

This comes after federal agents withdrew from the city more than a week ago, despite Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler claiming that their presence was the reason for the escalating violence. This weekend’s riot followed a violent demonstration last week that resulted in a police officer being injured. Instead of taking steps to end this lawless and destructive behavior, Mayor Wheeler has made unsubstantiated allegations that these activists are working as “props” on behalf of President Trump.

  • The Daily Caller: “Ted Wheeler Warns Protesters They Might Re-Elect Trump If They Keep Trying To Murder Cops”

In Chicago, widespread looting took place last night following a police-involved shooting where officers returned fire as they pursued a suspect”

  • The New York Post: “Looters, vandals sweep through Chicago’s Magnificent Mile after police shooting”

This lawless behavior also came as the city experienced another weekend filled with violence and shootings, and has seen a major increase in violent crimewhen compared to 2019, despite the fact that the city’s Mayor has criticized President Trump for offering to help stem the violence:

  • Fox News: “Chicago homicides increase 50 percent in 2020, 139 percent in July alone, data shows”

Despite this activity, Democrats like Vice President Biden and Speaker Pelosi are refusing to condemn the “defund police” movement that has gripped their party, and Democrat leaders across the country are still taking steps to implement this reckless and dangerous policy.

In an interview that aired last night, Attorney General William Barr spoke with Mark Levin and explained how this violent behavior is undoubtedly driven by the left’s, “lust for power,” and how they are only interested in “total victory.”

  • Fox News: “AG Barr: US facing new form of ‘urban guerrilla warfare’ driven by left’s ‘lust for power'”

ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR: “They are a revolutionary group that is interested in some form of socialism, communism. They’re essentially Bolsheviks. Their tactics are fascistic….They go into the demonstrations, which are exercising First Amendment activity, and they insinuate themselves in there to shield themselves. That’s where they swim. And what they do is they hijack these demonstrations and they and they provoke violence.”

  • Fox News: “Barr blasts far left for making politics a ‘secular religion,’ calls Dems who excuse violence ‘cowards'”

ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR“They’re not interested in compromise. They’re not interested in [a] dialectic exchange of views. They’re interested in total victory … It’s a substitute for religion….They view their political opponents as evil because we stand in the way of their progressive utopia that they’re trying to reach, and that’s what gives the intensity to the partisan feelings that people feel today, because for them, this pilgrimage we’re all on is a political pilgrimage. Everything is reduced to politics for people who don’t have that perspective.”