Democrats’ Push To Abandon Fossil Fuels Runs Into Reality

While we’re thinking about the people of Texas and those across the country who are suffering from record-low temperatures and power outages, what’s unfolding has revealed why Democrats’ push to abolish fossil fuels would be so damaging:

  • The Wall Street Journal (Editorial): “The Political Making of a Texas Power Outage”
    • The problem is Texas’s overreliance on wind power that has left the grid more vulnerable to bad weather. Half of wind turbines froze last week, causing wind’s share of electricity to plunge to 8% from 42%. Power prices in the wholesale market spiked, and grid regulators on Friday warned of rolling blackouts. Natural gas and coal generators ramped up to cover the supply gap but couldn’t meet the surging demand for electricity—which half of households rely on for heating—even as many families powered up their gas furnaces. Then some gas wells and pipelines froze. In short, there wasn’t sufficient baseload power from coal and nuclear to support the grid.
  • Dallas Morning News (Editorial): “Rolling power outages show why Texas needs renewables, nuclear and fossil fuels”
    • We need all of our fuel resources to keep our grid agile and reliable. Each fuel type, nuclear, coal, natural gas, solar and wind, offers benefits and drawbacks. So until something better comes along, we are going to need nuclear and fossil fuels.
  • Forbes (Gilbertie): “Texas Outages Put Reliability Of Renewable Energy In The Spotlight”
    • This is the problem with renewable energy; it isn’t always there when the going gets tough. The ramifications of changing our current electric grid from carbon and nuclear based sources to wind, solar and other more environmentally and politically correct sources are not esoteric; they are real, consequential, and life threatening.

Representative Dan Crenshaw explained how what’s taking place in his state is demonstrating the unreliability of renewable energy sources, and pointed out how fossil fuels have provided a lifeline:

  • The Blaze: “‘Fossil fuels are the only thing that saved us’: Dan Crenshaw replies to leftists mocking massive electric grid failure in Texas”

As the Biden Administration and Democrats work to appease their far-left base and ban the use of oil, coal, and natural gas, the reality of what’s happening this week shows why these resources are so crucial for our country.