Democrats Play Politics With USPS

Last night, Speaker Pelosi announced that the House will come back into session this weekend to vote on legislation relating to the United States Postal Service. This comes despite the fact that the CARES Act passed by Congress in March allowed the Treasury Department to lend the USPS $10 billion:

  • USPS: “U.S. Postal Service Reaches Agreement with Treasury on $10 Billion CARES Act Lending Authority”

The leading Republican on the House Oversight Committee, Rep. James Comer, released a statement earlier today emphasizing how the Speaker’s “conspiracy theory” regarding the USPS “is irresponsible and only undermines the American people’s faith in the integrity of the election and our institutions”:

“The Democrats’ wild and baseless conspiracy theory about the United States Postal Service is irresponsible and only undermines the American people’s faith in the integrity of the election and our institutions. The Committee on Oversight and Reform has a tremendous opportunity to put this conspiracy theory to bed and I hope my Democratic colleagues will join me in reviewing the facts and identifying areas of reform so that USPS works best for the American people.

“Let’s be clear: Americans can safely vote in person this fall if proper health protocols are followed. Even Dr. Fauci has stated that there is no reason Americans can’t do so. Regardless of how Americans choose to vote in the 2020 election, they must have confidence that their vote counts.

“If Americans do choose to vote by mail, we all agree that ballots must be fairly delivered by the Postal Service in a timely manner to the American people. This is an incredible revenue-generating opportunity for an organization that has bemoaned a downward trend in mail volume. The Postal Service also owes it to the American people to improve their operations – this is a fact that even Democrats agreed with when it was politically convenient to do so. I look forward to continuing to work with the USPS leadership to make the Postal Service more efficient and fiscally sustainable and ensure ballots are fairly delivered and collected by the Postal Service.”

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said yesterday that the Trump Administration has proposed adding an additional $10 billion for the USPS as part of a new package related to COVID-19 relief, but Speaker Pelosi and Democrats are holding this legislation hostage – which would also provide relief for Americans that need it – in an attempt to secure far-left priorities that are unrelated to helping the country combat the pandemic. He also noted that it’s “nonsense,” for Democrats to falsely claim that the President is undermining the USPS since the agency has been in financial straits since the Obama Administration:

Chief of Staff Meadows talked more about this issue during CNN’s “State of the Union” yesterday, saying that no mail-sorting machines will be dismantled before the election and that the White House is ready to make a deal that would add funding to the USPS and provide stimulus checks for the American people if Democrats are willing to make a deal:

  • Fox News: “White House pushes compromise on post office funding, stimulus checks”

Unfortunately, since taking the gavel, Speaker Pelosi has proven that she is far more interested in political posturing than she is in trying to find a bipartisan compromise on the key issues facing the nation. Whether it’s providing COVID-19 relief, passing landmark police reform legislation, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, or more, the Speaker has consistently put her partisan agenda before the best interest of the nation.

Her decision to prioritize divisive policies instead of finding common ground represents a total abdication of leadership at a time when the American people need it most and should demonstrate why she cannot be trusted to govern responsibly. It also explains why her members are doing their best Joe Biden impersonation and hiding, because they promised to come to Washington to get something done and are unable to defend the Speaker’s decision to repeatedly stand in the way of sensible legislation getting passed.