Democrats’ Partisan Rules Package Silences Voices of Americans Represented by House Republicans

It’s telling and appropriate that Democrats’ first action of this new Congress will be to silence the voices of millions of Americans represented by House Republicans, since they are planning to institute an unprecedented and unconscionable assault on the rights of the minority. The MTR has been a staple of this institution since the first Congress, and has not been changed in over a century. By voting for the Rules package, Democrats are essentially saying that the voices and interests of all Americans are not relevant to them, and they only care and will respond to the needs of their radical base.

In addition to that, these rules also attempt to censor the free speech of members of Congress and House employees that’s governed unilaterally by Democrats’ decree, and they lay the groundwork for the far-left’s radical policy agenda so they can bring socialist legislation like the Green New Deal and a one-size-fits-all health care takeover to the floor.

And in a sign of truly how detached from reality House Democrats are, these rules call for eliminating certain terms like “father,” “mother,” “brother,” “sister,” and more, with their party actually deeming it an appropriate use of the House’s time to focus on things like this instead of the people’s business. These ridiculous standards reared their head in the first minutes of the new Congress yesterday, when Rep. Emanuel Cleaver ended the opening prayer by saying “amen and awomen.” Seriously.

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler explained the absurdity of this on social media, which provides a window into Democrats’ nonsensical worldview: