Democrats Opt To Put Subways Over Students

On Friday night, there was bipartisan opposition to Democrats’ legislation that focused more on fulfilling their liberal priorities than actually providing responsible COVID relief. Even one Democrat who opposed the legislation said he could not, “support trillions more in funding that is poorly targeted or in many cases not necessary at this moment in time.”

There are many problems with this bill as it goes to the Senate. From the fact that only 9% of the ~$2T goes to COVID health spending, to the long list of wasteful spending projects included in the legislation, to its unwillingness to take steps that put students back in school immediately, the bipartisan opposition shows why this is the wrong bill, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons.

Right before it passed, Republicans made one last effort to divert $140M that will go to Speaker Pelosi’s Silicon Valley subway and instead allow it to fund mental health programs for students:

Despite this being the definition of common sense, Democrats still rejected it, voting to put Speaker Pelosi’s subway before the needs of students across the country:

  • Fox Business: “Dems reject GOP amendment during COVID bill debate to replace massive rail project with mental health funding for students”
  • The Daily Wire: “Democrats Reject GOP Stimulus Amendment To Move $100M+ From Silicon Valley Subway To Children’s Mental Health”
  • Townhall: “How Vile: Dems Vote Down an Amendment to Aid Students with Mental Health Needs”
If it wasn’t clear before this vote, it certainly was obvious afterwards that this legislation was far more about Democrats’ pet-projects and liberal wishlist than helping those across the country who are struggling and need relief.