Democrats for Maduro

Democrats sent a clear message about their new foreign policy agenda by appointing Rep. Ilhan Omar – who has a history of anti-Israel rhetoric – to the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

But Omar’s decision to endorse socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro via Twitter proves just how disconnected House Democrats have become…

Just like everywhere else they’ve been tried, socialist policies resulted in catastrophe for the Venezuelan people. As of 2017, 90 percent of the population lived in poverty and the average Venezuelan lost 24 pounds in body weight due to famine. The situation has only gotten worse.

As President Trump and other world leaders recognized Juan Guaidó as interim president, Omar voiced her support for Maduro by stating, “We cannot hand pick leaders for other countries on behalf of multinational corporate interests.”

This all begs the question: Is it the official position of the House Democratic caucus that Nicolás Maduro should be recognized as President of Venezuela?