Democrats Endorse Two More Years of Speaker Pelosi’s Failed & Radical Leadership

During yesterday’s vote for Speaker, five House Democrats who voted against Nancy Pelosi in 2019 opted to support her. It’s hard to imagine what Speaker Pelosi has done over the past two years to change Reps. Cooper, Crow, Kind, Rice, and Schrader from opponents of hers to supporters. Her dismal track record during that time is too long to fully account for, but these members seemingly endorse her decision to deliberately delay COVID relief for months, launch the first ever partisan impeachment in history, dishonor the House by tearing up the President’s State of the Union address, and more. The will have to answer to their constituents for going back on their previous vote against her and providing her with the support she needed to maintain the Speaker’s gavel, instead of ushering in a new era of leadership for the House.

Also having to answer to their constituents are the three members who shamefully opted to vote “present,” which lowered the number of requisite votes that Pelosi needed. This is a complete exercise in cowardice, and Reps. Sherill, Slotkin, and Spanberger cannot credibly claim that they did not support Pelosi for Speaker. On the contrary, their “present” vote enabled her to keep the gavel and they are directly responsibly for her continuing to lead the House. Had they decided to buck the leadership of their party and behave like the independent voices they purport to be, they could have single-handily prevented Pelosi from succeeding during yesterday’s vote. However, they put their allegiance to their political party before what’s best for the House as an institution, and they will be held accountable for that.