Democrats’ Election Steal Efforts Move Forward

Despite outcry from editorial boards in Iowa’s Second Congressional District and across the country, on top of vocal opposition from even her own members, Speaker Pelosi continues to move forward with her effort to overturn the race won by Rep. Marinette Miller-Meeks in November.

Earlier this week, Leader McCarthy sent the following letter to Speaker Pelosi, urging her to put her faith in our democracy and to dismiss the partisan attempt to steal Congresswoman Miller-Meeks’ seat in Congress:

That letter came the same day that the state of Iowa’s Secretary of State also sent a letter to the Speaker asking her to respect Iowa’s bipartisan recount process and state-certified election results:

In their latest war room email highlighting Democrats’ attempts to steal this election, Republicans on the House Administration Committee shared some new relevant information and provided several key updates. A portion of the email is included below and all of the details can be seen here:

Top 3 Things to Know this Week

  • The fix is in! D.C. attorney Marc Elias represents Rita Hart and half of the Democrats on the Committee (the judges) at the same time, a major conflict of interest specifically prohibited by attorney ethics rules. Elias has proven that he cannot be trusted to proceed fairly or honestly in this contest, and his relationships with half of the Democrat judges raise serious concerns about their impartiality.
  • Democrats are making up the rules as they go along. Hart continues to call on the Committee to “depart” from Iowa law and to invent election rules to guarantee her victory. This would disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of lawful voters.
  • Democrats are denying due process. Hart and Elias again attempt to force Congresswoman Miller-Meeks to prove she won her seat, even though she holds an election certificate from Iowa. Even worse, they would deny the Congresswoman the opportunity to conduct any meaningful discovery or to cross-examine Hart’s witnesses, asking the Committee simply to accept all of Hart’s “evidence” as unchallenged fact.