Democrats’ “Defund The Police” Movement Is Dangerous For The Country… Just Look At Seattle & Minneapolis

Members of the Democratic Party, including elected officials are continuing to embrace calls to defund and dismantle the police. In New York Times op-ed over the weekend, Mariame Kaba – the founder of Project NIA – stated very clearly the true objective of her group:

In addition to this blatant call, the City Council in Minneapolis – which has already said they want to disband the police department – took another step towards making this reckless proposal a reality by voting yesterday in favor of a resolution that will, according to City Council member Alondra Cano, “end the current policing system as we know it.”

  • CNN: “Minneapolis City Council takes another step to ‘end the current policing system'”

In an interview yesterday, Rep. Ilhan Omar refused to directly answer questions about who is going to enforce the law if the police are defunded, and defended the actions of the City Council saying that the police department needed to be dismantled – not reformed – because it is “rotten to the root.”

  • Fox News: “Omar defends calls to dismantle Minneapolis Police Department, ‘rotten to the root'”

Republicans, including President Trump, continue to point out how dangerous Democrats’ policy proposals would be for the country. They want to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights to defend themselves while abolish police departments meant to keep cities and communities safe:

This is what progressive Democrat leadership looks like: in Seattle, protestors have created an autonomous zone without police where lawlessness is accepted. In Minneapolis, City Council President Lisa Bender said that expecting the police to respond to emergency calls is a form of “privilege” in an answer she gave defending support for her plans to defund that department.

TAKEAWAY: You don’t have to imagine what America would look like with Democratic leadership in place…you can see it playing out on your television screen right now in cities like Seattle and Minneapolis.