Democrats Choose Ridiculous Rhetoric Over Acknowledging The President’s Economic Success

In an interview with Neil Cavuto yesterday, House Majority Whip James Clyburn attempted to downplay the strength of the U.S. economy by saying flippantly that African Americans were, “fully employed during slavery.”

His decision to resort to this outlandish rhetoric shows that Democrats can’t attack the President’s economic success, which they know to be benefitting all Americans. Democrats recently telegraphed that they planned to pivot away from their failed impeachment and try to highlight how the economy is faltering, despite the fact that the American people know that the economy is booming thanks to the President’s policies.

Look at the facts:

Bottom Line: The facts don’t lie. After their failed attempt at impeachment, Democrats have no agenda, no compelling message, and no record to show that they are capable of leading and delivering for the American people. They can try to distort the record and attack the President’s successful economic track record, but the country is not going to buy their smokescreen.