Democrats Choose Politics Over Helping America’s Small Businesses

This morning, Democrats once again decided to put their partisan politics ahead of delivering on the needs of the American people. In a pro forma session in the Senate, Democrats blocked a unanimous consent request from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to pass standalone emergency funding for the hugely popular Paycheck Protection Program that is saving small-business jobs:

  • The Wall Street Journal: “Pelosi holds up small business”
  • Fox News: “Dems block McConnell bid to swiftly approve $250B more for small business fund”
  • CBS News: “Senate Democrats block $250 billion expansion of small business loan program”
  • NBC News: “Senate Democrats block GOP bid for $250 billion in coronavirus small-business funds”

The Paycheck Protection Program has already begun working and is protecting the livelihood of Americans all across the country:

Bottom Line: Democrats are using America’s small businesses as a pawn in their political games while Republicans remain dedicated to fighting for their livelihoods and provide this life raft for American businesses.