Forgetful Democrats complain about Zika funding (that they blocked)

Photo Credit (CC BY 2.0): Senate Democrats

It’s time to get some things straight about the fight against Zika.

For months, the People’s House has taken real, responsible steps to address the Zika threat by laying the groundwork to combat the disease before it becomes a public health crisis in the United States.


Here’s the problem

While House Republicans led a balanced effort to provide $1.1 billion in funding to fight Zika,  Democrats voted against the bill and blocked it before it could reach the President.

They took to Twitter to complain that House Republicans weren’t prioritizing the fight against Zika:

They must have forgotten that they voted against Zika funding twice (TWICE, people!).

In the words of Speaker Paul Ryan,Let’s be clear what happened here: Last month, the House acted in a responsible way by passing a bipartisan package that included previously agreed-upon levels of funding and other common sense steps – like making it easier to kill mosquitoes – to combat the spread of Zika. Since then, Senate Democrats have repeatedly blocked this bill despite demanding Zika funding for months.” 

Let’s drop the politics.