Democrats Block Motion To Promote Election Integrity

In addition to voting for this unfairly constructed rules package, Democrats also tabled a commonsense motion on the floor to promote integrity and voter confidence in our elections put forward by the lead Republican on the House Administration Committee, Rep Rodney Davis. The motion would have instructed  the House Administration Committee to report to the House a bill no later than January 31st that would have contained the following provisions:

  • States have primary role to run elections (Constitution; Federalism)
  • Provide federal baseline to ballots cast by mail
  • Provide federal baseline for signature verification
  • Improving voter confidence and certainty in federal elections
  • Oversight of the use of Federal funds that are provided by the Election Assistance Commission

After Democrats defeated this motion, Rep. Davis spoke on the floor and implored the other side to put politics aside and come together in a bipartisan way to address mail-in ballot integrity, signature verification standards, and ensure ballots are counted in a timely manner:

REP. DAVIS: “The resolution would have required the Committee on House Administration to report out a bill that contains five main provisions:

“First, a provision to ensure this House’s commitment to upholding the U.S. Constitution by maintaining that it is states that have the primary authority to conduct elections, NOT the federal government.

“Second, that ensure ballot integrity for votes cast by mail.

“Third, provides a federal baseline for signature verification.

“Fourth, includes measures to improve voter confidence and certainty in our election results by counting ballots in a timely manner.

“And lastly, a provision to ensure proper oversight of federal dollars provided to states to help them administer elections through the Help America Vote Act.

“These issues are non-partisan – they’re problems both sides struggled with in the 2020 election – and as the committee with jurisdiction over federal elections, it’s our responsibility to address them.”