Dem Leaders Scramble As Party Careens Toward Impeachment

Over the past several weeks, talk of impeachment has consumed House Democrats. Speaker Pelosi and some members of her leadership team are trying to convince the country otherwise, but, as GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney pointed out this AM, they have completely lost control of their caucus.

That fact was painfully evident for anyone watching a pair of interviews on Meet The Press this morning, as Rep. Rashida Tlaib directly contradicted House Democratic Conference Chair Hakeem Jeffries on impeachment.

First, Rep. Jeffries claimed the impeachment timetable would be “guided by the facts,” and tried to slow walk the process

Then, Rep. Tlaib openly admitted they were “moving toward it” and “going to demand it.” A far cry from what Rep. Jeffries outlined.

Bottom line: Deep divisions over impeachment have paralyzed the Democratic majority. The American people are tired of the endless partisan investigations and their obsession with taking down President Trump.