Dear Constitution: A Love Poem

Love is in the air, right? And we can’t help but think about the things we love the most. From our families, the people and places we represent, and the wonderful country we are honored to serve — we have a lot of Valentines.

This year, we’re sending our love to a document we hold close to our heart — a document that guides our role and the legislative process:
The  Constitution of the United States of America.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You’re 228 years old–
But we still turn to you.

You outline our responsibilities,
And how to pass a bill.
We’re sorry that our president
Ignores your good will.

But Congress could never stray,
It just wouldn’t be right!
You’ve given us responsibility,
And for you we will fight.

We stand against executive action
And want to work together
Remember checks and balances?
It was meant to last forever.

This past year has had challenges —
Be it immigration or cybersecurity,

But we know we must go through you
to maintain justice and liberty.

Since your inception
From the Fathers that founded,
You’ve outlined a process
That has kept us all grounded.

From the 10 Bill of Rights
To amendments and votes,
This constitutional process
Deserves many love notes!

We read you for reference
In every decision we make.
Without you we’d be lost,
And make selfish mistakes.

Although you are locked
In that big National Archive
Your constitutional provisions
Remain timelessly alive.

So Happy Valentines Day,
To the “law of the land!”
House Republicans are grateful
For your great guiding hand!