Creating jobs? Nope, broken promises.

“Take a look at the goals the President has set to move this country forward.… Double U.S. Exports, Create 600,000 Jobs in the Natural Gas Industry, Create 1 Million New Manufacturing Jobs…”

-President Obama’s campaign website in 2012

A visit to President Obama’s 2012 website highlights his lofty goals — the same ones that are now just a series of broken promises.

In President Obama’s second term, so far only 203,000 new manufacturing jobs have been created. In order for President Obama to meet his original 2012 campaign promises, he will need to create another 797,000 manufacturing jobs in the next two years.

Given the stagnant recovery of the economy, and Democrats’ continuous blockade of the Keystone Pipeline, these promises are looking improbable.

Take the manufacturing industry for example.

Manufacturing jobs bring in an average of $77,506 annually, which is more than any other industry (the average is $62,546). However, under President Obama, these high-paying manufacturing jobs have shrunk 3.2%.  And not only are there fewer jobs, but those remaining bring home less money.

Recently, President Obama has touted his economic recovery report card — ignoring his miserably failed grades.

The White House talks about the 10 million jobs created since 2008, but they forget to mention that the actual net gain is only 4.3 million jobs — most of the jobs “created” were lost during the first years of his presidency.

But wait, there’s more. Labor force participation rate has fallen by 3.2 % as the adult population has increased by 13 million. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates a net gain of 799,000 part-time jobs, while the same number includes a net loss of 523,000 full-time jobs.

So what happened to all of the stable, full-time jobs that we used to know? That’s a great question — and one the Obama administration has failed to answer.

With 4 in 10 U.S. households struggling financially, House Republicans are focused on putting Americans back to work. Dozens of solutions that will address our weak economy and dismal job growth have been created and passed by the House Republicans, but Senate Democrats don’t want to act. American families, jobs, and our economy can’t stand to wait any longer. We need Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats to work with us to pass the multiple House-passed bills that remain stuck in the Senate. Americans need solutions — and House Republicans have them.