The Congressional Institute’s Congress of Tomorrow – House and Senate Republican Retreat

Today, at the Congress of Tomorrow — House and Senate Republican Retreat, hosted by the Congressional Institute, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) delivered opening remarks about House and Senate Republicans’ commitment to working together to hit the ground running and reimagine this government to put the people back at the center of it.


Following are McMorris Rodgers opening remarks, as delivered:

Good afternoon, everyone, and thank you for joining us here in Philadelphia!

It’s really hard for us to think of a better place for us to come together as a House and Senate and have the visit by the President and the Vice President tomorrow, to really reimagine this government.

We’re just a few steps away from where our Founding Fathers came together to forge a new government — a government “of the People, by the People, and for the People.”

But I’m not sure our Founding Founders would really recognize the government that we have today:

We’ve seen  hundreds of thousands of regulations issued by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats.

We’ve got a tax code that picks winners and losers.

We have a failed government attempt to fix our health care system — which is getting worse every day.

In November, the American people voted to change course — giving each one of us a very high responsibility to restore the people’s voice in the center of this government.

A moment I’ve been calling our “Founding Fathers” moment.

A moment for us to be partnering to restore the balance of power that was envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

A moment to think big, and advance conservative policies — which will truly lead to opportunity and liberty for all.

Now, this retreat marks the third consecutive year in a row, that the House and Senate retreat has come together, after ten years where it was all seperate, and I can’t think of a better counterpart to organizing this retreat than John Thune.

We have a jam-packed agenda. We’re going to be spending time on our 200-day plan, January 20th to August. We’ll have strategy sessions around health care and tax reform, as well as national defense.

We’re coming together to put together an aggressive agenda to set in motion a unified Republican government.