Congressional Gold Medal For Dr. Li Wenliang

A number of House Republicans have sponsored a new bill that would posthumously award the Congressional Gold Medal – the highest civilian honor that Congress can bestow – to Dr. Li Wenliang, the Chinese doctor who blew the whistle about the initial spread of COVID-19 and the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to cover it up:

  • The Washington Examiner: “House Republicans say Chinese doctor and coronavirus whistleblower deserves Congressional Gold Medal”

Dr. Li is unquestionably a hero who died trying to warn the world of the coming health crisis. While the Chinese Communist Party attempted to silence him, the United States should recognize his bravery. For months, we have seen Speaker Pelosi refuse to hold China accountable for their culpability in allowing this virus to become a pandemic. If she refuses to bring a commonsense bill like this to the floor, despite how deserving Dr. Li is of this honor, it’s just more evidence that she has no interest in holding the Chinese Communist Party accountable.