CNN Analyst Mike Rogers Criticizes House Intel Committee For Leading Impeachment Inquiry

JAKE TAPPER: A committee source, a source on the House Intelligence Committee, tells CNN that Chairman Schiff, the Democrat who heads the House Intelligence Committee, has not yet been briefed, even now, even as we expect President Trump any minute to come out and talk about this. That seems surprising. 

MIKE ROGERS: It just — not to me, and I will tell you why. The dysfunction — you can’t have that much dysfunction in that committee. It is now leading an impeachment inquiry, which, to me, is not the business of an Intelligence Committee. There is very important work in oversight that needs to happen. And, remember, in the Osama bin Laden raid — and I thought it was smart to reach out preemptively. If it went wrong, there were going to be — there was going to be a very significant price to pay. This was in another country. We had to cross that border into that country. Getting buy-in early, I thought, was smart and important. And they did that. In this particular case, it doesn’t have that same magnitude of crossing a border. We already had troops in this particular region. But there is — there are implications in this.