On CNBC: Rep. Bob Gibbs Op-Ed on How We Can Stop the Zika Virus

As House Republicans continue our work to find solutions to combat the Zika Virus, we encourage you to read Rep. Bob Gibbs’ (R-OH) op-ed on CNBC, where he lays out the steps that need to be taken to reduce regulation and allow for local communities to aid in the fight against Zika.

Rep. Gibbs has been a leader on combating Zika and through his Zika Vector Control Act (H.R. 897), has put forth real solutions to prevent a public health crisis.

In case you missed it, here are highlights from Rep. Gibbs’ op-ed.

On preventing Zika from spreading in the U.S.

“While the House and Senate are at work providing funding to research and stop the spread of the virus, there is an easy way to help prevent the virus from becoming widespread in the United States.”

On the Zika Vector Control Act

“Recently, the House passed bipartisan legislation that I introduced to provide a real solution to this bureaucratic problem: The Zika Vector Control Act. This bill will suspend the NPDES requirements for two years, giving state and local governments an additional tool in preventing the spread of mosquitos and the Zika virus they may carry. Pesticides used to kill mosquitos carrying Zika will still be subject to appropriate regulation and oversight required under FIFRA”.

On President Obama Politicizing the Issue

“Unfortunately, in an effort to a politicize a commonsense solution to protecting public health, President Obama has announced he will veto this reasonable legislation. I hope, for the sake of the millions of pregnant women like my daughter, he changes his mind.”

Read the full op-ed here.