Cipollone: “The American People Are Tired Of The Endless Investigations And False Investigations”

PAT CIPOLLONE: I believe the American people are tired of the endless investigations and false investigations that have been coming out of the House from the beginning, as my colleague, Mr. Sekulow, pointed out. It is a waste of tax dollars, it is a waste of the American people’s time, and I would argue, more importantly—most importantly—the opportunity cost of that, the opportunity cost of that. What you could be doing, what the House could be doing working with the President to achieve those things on behalf of the American people is far more important than the endless investigations, the endless false attacks, the besmirching of the names of good people. This is something that we should reject together and we should move forward in a bipartisan fashion and in a way that this President has done successfully. He’s achieved successful results in the economy and across so many other areas, working with you on both sides of the aisle and he wants to continue to do that. And that’s what I believe the American people want those of you elected to come here to Washington to focus on, to spend your time on, to unify us as opposed to the bitter division that is caused by these types of proceedings.