Cipollone: Reject “Purely Partisan” Impeachment, “Have Confidence & Respect For The Last Election”

PAT CIPOLLONE: We’ve never been in a situation like this in our history. We have an impeachment that is purely partisan and political, it’s opposed by bipartisan members of the House, it does not even allege a violation of law. It is passed in an election year and we’re sitting here on the day that election season begins in Iowa. It is wrong. There is only one answer to that and the answer is to reject those articles of impeachment, to have confidence in the American people, to have confidence in the result of the upcoming election, to have confidence and respect for the last election and not throw it out, and to leave the choice of the president to the American people, and to leave to them also the accountability for the members of the House of Representatives who did that. That’s what the Constitution requires.