The Coronavirus pandemic will have a lasting impact on China’s role in the world and on U.S.-China relations. The death and destruction unleashed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as it caused the virus to be spread around the world stand as a reminder of what is at stake today: China’s efforts to reshape the global order represent a battle between totalitarianism and freedom. 

To better understand the CCP threat and how to confront it going forward, the House GOP Conference is establishing the China Project: an initiative to provide members with research and information about every aspect of the threat posed by China.  

Through this initiative, Conference will highlight work being done by individual Members and across all committees of jurisdiction. We will provide Members with detailed analysis of the economic, diplomatic and security dimensions of the U.S-China relationship, including through briefings with area and subject matter experts. We will highlight the Chinese Communist Party’s strategic vision and the steps America must take to ensure our security and defend our freedom.

Below you will find links to readings that explore various aspects of the U.S.-China relationship, as well as a catalog of legislation introduced by Members addressing the many threats posed by the CCP.






























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