Chairman Fred Upton: A Better Way for the Economy Via Energy

House Republicans are leading on modernizing America’s energy infrastructure. Times have changed, it’s not the same United States it used to be, and now we need to find new and innovative ways to power our country, and use new technology to identify existing energy resources.

Today, Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, authored an op-ed appearing online for Morning Consult on our fight to provide A Better Way for our energy economy. Says Upton, The American energy world has come a long way since the uncertain days of gasoline lines and OPEC world dominance. We used to fret about running out of oil and natural gas. Now the bigger questions are how to transport, store, and best use our abundant resources. Free markets, technological advancement, and smarter congressional actions powered this transformation — not Middle Eastern cartels or centralized government planning.”

These are the kinds of ideas we talk about in our Better Way agenda. Getting government out of the way so our economy can grow and work better for the American people. “Smart congressional policies, like modernizing outdated laws and rules also helped exploit the transformations in the energy world for the benefit of consumers and the U.S. economy. Lifting the ban on crude oil exports is a good example,” as Chairman Upton describes.

House Republicans will continue our work advancing the ideas and priorities of folks across the country. People like:

  • Bishop Shirley Holloway, the Founder and CEO of House of Help City of Hope in Washington, D.C. who is working night and day to combat poverty across her community; or
  • Steve Gleason, the former NFL player and current ALS activist who have been fighting government bureaucracy to make sure those who suffer from ALS have access to the life changing technology they need.

We are working to implement specific and smart solutions to address the biggest problems facing our country. Modernizing our energy infrastructure is just one more example of how our Better Way agenda works for the American people and provides a positive direction to move our country down a better path.

See Chairman Upton’s full op-ed here. To find out more about our Better Way agenda, click here.