Chair McMorris Rodgers for National Review: Upholding the Promise of America this Constitution Day

Today on Constitution Day, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) writes for National Review on upholding the promise of America.  McMorris Rodgers points to the Constitutional Authority plank of the House Republican Better Way agenda, which she released in a ceremony earlier this year with Speaker Paul Ryan and fellow House Republicans.

Says McMorris Rodgers, “As we take part in this annual reflection on the genius of our Founding Fathers and the promise of America through our Constitution, we need to have an honest conversation with ourselves. If Congress is serious about its role as the people’s voice in government, then we need to utilize every tool at our disposal to restore our constitutional authority under Article I and prevent this president — any president — from fast-tracking regulations without input from the American people. …

“…I am so proud that our Conference came together and recognized the importance of restoring constitutional authority. We devoted an entire plank of our Better Way agenda to it, and unequivocally it is the most important plank. At the end of the day, legislating means nothing if the American people aren’t at the core. We emphasize the need for making government more accountable by placing agencies and bureaucracy under more scrutiny from Congress; to make government more representative by rewriting old laws and implementing new ones so regulations reflect the will — and input — of the people; to restore checks on spending; and to make government more transparent by publishing publicly what we’re doing.”

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