Byrne Op-ed On The Hill’s Congress Blog: A better way to fight poverty

This week, House Republicans are beginning to unveil a bold new policy agenda, a plan to guide us on a different path. A better way.

Poverty impacts communities all across America. It can become a ruthless cycle that prevents people from having the opportunity to reach their full potential or pursue their version of the American Dream.

But instead of just talking about the problem we’re working to create a system that helps people escape poverty — not fall back into it.

In his latest op-ed published online for The Hill, Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) – chair of the Workforce Planning Council for the State of Alabama – stresses the important role that work and education play in creating an environment that allows all Americans to succeed, and, when they may fall on hard times, to pull themselves back up.

Here are highlights from Rep. Byrne’s op-ed:

On Changing Our View of Poverty

“You see, for far too long we have treated poverty as a chronic disease that cannot be cured. We focus on ways to help people cope with poverty instead of guiding them toward a better life. In many ways, our country’s welfare programs disincentivize work and actually punish Americans who find work by immediately halting many of their benefits.”

On the Important Role Education Plays

“Education has always been the great equalizer, and it is one of the best tools we have to fight poverty.”

On Responsible Policy

“We get people a better life by bringing them out of poverty while saving taxpayers money and growing the economy. We should reject the failed strategies of the past and embrace a new way forward that truly lifts people out of poverty.

Find the full op-ed here, and view House Republicans’ plan to fight poverty at