Border Crisis Only Shows Signs Of Growing As Biden Administration Looks Away

There’s little question that the Biden Administration’s policies undermining America’s border security efforts and providing benefits for illegal immigrants is a major reason why the country is seeing a surge in apprehensions along the southern border. As people flood the border, it’s clear who they think is going to allow them to enter the country illegally:

  • Fox News: “Migrants wear Biden T-shirts at US-Mexico border, demand clearer policies”

On top of the information published yesterday reporting that the Department of Homeland Security expected as many as 117,000 children will arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border without a parent or guardian in 2021, a new CNN report found that unaccompanied children are being held in custody for more than three days, “overwhelming capacity at border facilities and indicating a crisis is taking shape…”:

  • CNN: “Exclusive: Unaccompanied kids being held by Border Patrol for 77 hours on average, internal documents show”

The fact that this crisis is happening now, just over a month after President Biden took office, is not an accident. His and his party’s open borders policies are encouraging this surge and creating a crisis for our nation in the process. While the previous administration recognized that strong border security measures were essential in curbing these situations, President Biden is only exacerbating it with the executive orders he has signed and policies he has endorsed.

Despite this growing evidence, the Administration still refuses to even acknowledge that this is a crisis:

  • Fox News: “Biden DHS secretary Mayorkas claims there’s ‘no’ crisis at southern border”
  • The Daily Caller: “Jen Psaki Avoids Saying There Is ‘A Crisis’ At The Border: ‘I Don’t Think We Need To Meet Your Bar Of What We Need To Call It’”
  • Breitbart: “Joe Biden: ‘No’ Crisis on the Southern Border — ‘We’ll Be Able to Handle It’”

That’s a tough claim to make considering the surge that the nation is seeing and the fact that it is only expected to get worse.