Blackburn: Celebrate the “Can-Do” Woman

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) became a trailblazer early on when she became the first woman hired at a company who only hired men.  Using the money she made working that summer for the company, she bought a car that she named, “Can-do.”

Today, as she serves in the People’s House, Blackburn applies that same “can-do” attitude to her fight every day for policies to build a more confident America.  Blackburn’s journey is evidence that while Women’s History Month is an opportunity to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of women across America, the most lasting tribute one can make is the effort to make history for the next generation.

“When you dream big, inevitably challenges will come your way,” says Blackburn. “Plenty of doors got slammed in my face back then, but had it not been for that, I may have never built the resolve to build my own business, lead charitable organizations and civic boards, run for Congress or continue my fight each day for policies that will make America a better, more prosperous and freer place.”

Read Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s entire op-ed, published on, by CLICKING HERE.