Bipartisan Opposition To Dems $2T package

After spending the initial days of his Administration talking about “unity” and bringing the country together, the first piece of substantive legislation that is going to President Biden’s desk faced bipartisan opposition in the House during yesterday’s vote.

Democrat Rep. Jared Golden voted no, specifically citing the fact that Congress has already spent $4T in response to this pandemic and that many of the programs Democrats are throwing money at recently received more funding when Congress approved spending an additional $1T this past December.

In recent days, Democrats have finally started to admit publicly what Republicans and Americans across the country have known: this legislation was not about “COVID relief.” Instead, they used “COVID relief” as an excuse to ram through a bill that only devotes 9% of its spending to defeating the virus, while the other 91% is designed to advance Democrats’ dangerous and far-left policies. Even The Washington Post noted how Democrats, “seized the opportunity to load up the bill with liberal policies they supported long before the advent of the coronavirus crisis.”

We know this bill does far more harm than good, and the damage it does will only make our recovery efforts more difficult.

Even Democrats acknowledge that the level of spending included for far-left priorities will ultimately lead to tax increases. There are no Hyde Amendment protections which will allow taxpayer money to fund abortion, in addition to funding in the bill for Planned Parenthood. The bill provides stimulus checks for illegal immigrants, criminals, and even terrorists, while, again, focusing just 9% on defeating the virus.

It did not have to be this way. This bill was not temporary, targeted, or related to COVID, unlike the previous bipartisan legislation that Congress has passed. We could have had another bipartisan bill at a fraction of the cost, but Speaker Pelosi put her radical agenda first and abandoned even the pretense of debate or negotiation when crafting this bloated and unfocused package.

Moving forward, Republicans will continue to fight for serious and responsible policies that will achieve the basic goals we know we need to reach to defeat this virus. That starts with reopening schools, growing our economy, and getting America healthy.  Unfortunately, the Speaker and her party are more interested in ramming through their radical policy agenda that’s bad for the nation, proving that they cannot be trusted to govern responsibly.