H.R. 6198: Bankruptcy Technical Corrections Act of 2010

H.R. 6198

Bankruptcy Technical Corrections Act of 2010

Rep. John Conyers Jr.

September 29, 2010 (111th Congress, 2nd Session)

Staff Contact
Sarah Makin

Floor Situation

H.R. 6198 is expected to be considered on the floor of the House on Wednesday, September 29, 2010, under a motion to suspend the rules, requiring a two-thirds majority vote for passage.  The legislation was introduced by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) on September 23, 2010.

Bill Summary

H.R. 6198 would make technical corrections to Title 11 of the United States Code (the Bankruptcy Code) and to bankruptcy-related crime statutes in Title 18.  The technical corrections include fixing spelling errors, incorrect cross-references, and minor language disagreements among sections of the Code.  Many of the provisions in need of correction were enacted in BAPCPA (the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act) in 2005. 


Because this bill is not intended to (and in fact, does not) alter substantive rights, it is anticipated that the Floor statements of the Democratic and Republican bill managers will include statements that the amendments made by this bill are purely technical.  This effort will build legislative history that will be useful to courts in interpreting the purpose and effect of this Act.


CBO has not produced a cost estimate for H.R. 6198.