H.R. 5119, No 2H2O from Iran Act

H.R. 5119

No 2H2O from Iran Act

July 13, 2016 (114th Congress, 2nd Session)

Staff Contact
Molly Newell

Floor Situation

On Wednesday, July 13, 2016, the House will begin consideration of H.R. 5119, No 2H2O from Iran Act, under a rule. H.R. 5631 was introduced on April 28, 2016, by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) and was referred to the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Bill Summary

H.R. 5119 would prohibits funds available to any federal department or agency for any fiscal year from being obligated or expended to purchase or issue a license to purchase heavy water produced in Iran.


On July 14, 2015, Iran and the six nations that negotiated with Iran over its nuclear program (the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, and Germany—collectively known as the P5+1) finalized the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The JCPOA requires Iran to reduce its stock of heavy water, which is used in making nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, by diluting, selling, or disposing of it under certain conditions. In April, the Department of Energy announced it will by 32 metric tons of heavy water from Iran at a cost of $8.6 million. This legislation would prevent this or any future purchases.

According to the bill sponsor, “President Obama is acting outside the requirements of the nuclear deal—forcing American taxpayers to support Iran’s nuclear program. We cannot subsidize the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear processes, which is why I have introduced legislation to block purchases like this.  Sending millions of dollars, which is a substantial amount of the Department of Energy’s budget for this program, to the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism defies logic and leaves our country less safe.  By purchasing heavy water produced in Iran for use at a U.S. national laboratory, President Obama is encouraging future Iranian breaches. Furthermore, this purchase raises a number of important questions.  The Obama administration owes Congress, and all Americans, answers as to why and how these funds came to be used to provide a bailout to the Ayatollah.”[1]

[1] See Press Release, “Pompeo Introduces Bill Prohibiting U.S. Purchase of Iranian Nuclear Material,” April 29, 2016.


A Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cost estimate is currently not available.

Additional Information

For questions or further information please contact Molly Newell with the House Republican Policy Committee by email or at 2-1374.