H.R. 4487, Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2015

H.R. 4487

Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2015

Rep. Tom Cole


May 1, 2014 (113th Congress, 2nd Session)

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Floor Situation

On Thursday, May 1, 2014, the House will consider H.R. 4487, the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2015. This legislation was introduced by Representative Tom Cole (R-OK), Chairman, House Subcommittee on the Legislative Branch on April 17, 2014. The bill was marked up by the House Appropriations Committee and reported by voice vote on April 9, 2014.[1]

[1] See http://beta.congress.gov/113/crpt/hrpt417/CRPT-113hrpt417.pdf

Bill Summary

H.R. 4487 provides a total of $3.3 billion for the legislative branch, including the offices of the Members of the House of Representatives, support agencies, visitor services, and Capitol operations.  The proposed FY 2015 funding is the same as FY 2014 and is 3.7 percent below the President’s request.  The bill reported to the House does not include funding for the Senate.

Specifically, “the Committee recommends $1.2 billion for the operations and maintenance of the House of Representatives during FY 2015. This amount is the same as the current fiscal year 2014 level.”[2] In addition, the bill continues to freeze member pay for FY 2015; funds the Capitol Police at $347 million, an increase of $9.5 million above last year; provides $488.6 million for the Architect of the Capitol, $40.5 million below FY 2014 and including $21 million for the third and final phase of the Capitol Dome restoration project; includes $ 595 million  for the Library of Congress, an increase of $15.9 million above last year; and supports GAO operations at $520 million, increasing funding by $14.2 million over FY 2014.[3]

[2] See id, p. 3.
[3] See House Committee on Appropriations FY 2015 Legislative Branch Appropriations Fact Sheet


According to CBO, if enacted H.R. 4487 would result in a discretionary budget authority of $3.3 billion.


1)         Rep. Nugent (R-FL) Amendment #2 – Prohibits CAO of the House of Representatives from making any payments from any Members’ representational allowance for the leasing of a vehicle, excluding mobile district offices and short-term vehicle rentals.

2)         Rep. Speier (D-CA) Amendment #6 – Appropriates $500,000 to provide for sexual harassment training for all House offices which will be carried out by the Congressional Office of Compliance. These funds are offset from the AOC General Administration fund.

3)         Rep. Gosar (R-AZ) Amendment #9 – Reduces the amount provided for the Botanic Garden to the fiscal year 2014 level and transfers the funds to the spending reduction account.

4)         Rep. Broun (R-GA) Amendment #15 – Reduces the funding for the Capitol Visitor Center by $243,000, returning it to FY14 levels.

5)         Rep. Duffy (R-WI) Amendment #20 – Defunds the Open World Leadership Center Trust Fund.

6)         Reps. Hall (R-TX) and McCaul (R-TX) Amendment #17 – Prohibits funds from being used to deliver a printed copy of the CAO’s Statement of Disbursements of the House to any Member of the House of Representatives.

7)         Rep. Wenstrup (R-OH) Amendment #8 – Prohibits funding for the delivery of printed copies of the Daily Calendar of the United States House of Representatives to member offices, as this document is accessible online.

8)         Rep. Holt (D-NJ) Amendment #1 – Appropriates $2.5 million to re-institute the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), offset from funds in the House Historic Buildings Revitalization Trust Fund.

Additional Information

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