H.R. 1363 Amends: Additional Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011

H.R. 1363

Additional Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011

Rep. Hal Rogers

April 8, 2011 (112th Congress, 1st Session)

Staff Contact

Floor Situation

On Friday, April 08, 2011, the House is scheduled to consider H.R. 1363, under a rule.  H.R. 1363 was introduced by Rep. Harold Rogers (R-KY) on April 4, 2011, and was referred to the House Committee on Appropriations.

Bill Summary

The Continuing Resolution (CR) would provide discretionary funding for government operations through April 15, 2011.  The bill would reduce spending by $2 billion from current spending levels.  The bill will provide short-term bridge funding for continued government operations while a bill to provide funding for the remainder of FY 2011 is considered in the House and Senate.


On February 19, 2011, the House approved H.R. 1, a bill to provide discretionary funding for government functions for the duration of FY 2011, by a vote of 235 - 189.  As passed, H.R. 1 would have saved $61.5 billion from FY 2010 spending levels as provided under a continuing resolution (CR) which expired on March 4, 2011.  Since the passage of H.R. 1, two additional short-term CRs were approved by Congress and signed into law in order to provide temporary funding for discretionary government operations.  The first short-term bill was a two-week CR, H.J.Res. 44, which cut $4 billion from FY 2010 spending levels and eliminated funding for eight government programs.  The second short-term CR, H.J.Res. 48, provided three weeks of discretionary funding and cut an additional $6 billion from FY 2010 levels while eliminating or reducing funding for 25 government programs.  Funding under H.J. Res. 48 is set to expire on April 8, 2011.


A CBO cost estimate for H.R. 1363 was not available as of press time.