Biden’s Spending Will Go To Illegal Immigrants While Tax Hikes Will Destroy American Jobs

Democrats’ claimed their legislation that they rammed through Congress along party lines earlier this year was about COVID Relief, but just 9% of the bill actually addressed the health challenges the country has been facing, while the rest of it was geared towards Democrats’ political priorities.

Most notably, the law steered $350 billion for state and local governments, even though state revenues largely recovered and came in higher than expected. Now, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Democrat lawmakers in New York are taking this influx in revenue and doling it out to illegal immigrants:

These are congressional Democrats’ priorities. Instead of targeted COVID relief, they passed a nearly $2 trillion bill – money that future generations of Americans will ultimately have to pay for – so state governments could give checks to illegal immigrants.

At the same time, Democrats’ newest legislative push is now estimated to eliminate 1 million jobs for hardworking Americans according to a new study conducted by Rice University.

  • The Hill: “Business group’s study says corporate tax hike would cost 1M jobs”

And these tax hikes that will destroy jobs are being put in place not to pay for the kind of infrastructure spending members of both parties agree we need – since just 6% of President Biden’s plan actually funds those projects – but will fund Green New Deal ideas and big labor giveaways.

Spending for illegal immigrants while destroying jobs for hardworking Americans…that’s the Biden/Pelosi approach.