Biden’s Inflation and Supply Chain Crises Are Now Crushing Mothers and Babies as a National Shortage of Baby Formula Worsens

Democrat one-party rule in Washington, D.C. has created crisis after crisis, and now it has created a severe shortage of baby formula that is crushing mothers and babies as shelves remain empty in stores across the country.

According to a CNN report, Datasembly CEO Ben Reich, who’s company collected the data, knows what is to blame:

“This issue has been compounded by supply chain issues, product recalls and historic inflation…Unfortunately, given the unprecedented amount of volatility to the category, we anticipate baby formula to continue to be one of the most affected products in the market.”


  • As of today, roughly 40% of the nation’s baby formula is out of stock.
  • From November 2021 to May 2022, the percentage of out-of-stock baby formula jumped roughly 29 percentage points.
    • It jumped nine percentage points in just three weeks in April.
  • Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Texas and Tennessee had over half of their baby formula sold out for the week of April 24th.
  • Now, many popular stores are rationing formula for customers.
  • According to the FDA, roughly 67% of babies are fed at least partially through formula by three months old.
    • For many parents, these “elemental” formulas (e.g. similac) are a matter of survival of children. Those kids can’t process milk or soy proteins and need a broken-down formula.

BOTTOM LINE: The formula shortage situation is a catastrophe. Mothers are struggling to feed their babies in Biden’s America. Bare Shelves Biden clearly has no solution to the continued supply chain crisis in our country created by his failed Far-Left agenda.