Biden’s Immigration Policies Jeopardize Security

In addition to destroying jobs, the Biden Administration’s focus during their first three weeks on weakening our country’s borders and making us less secure has been a priority of theirs as well. From undermining the ability of ICE to deport dangerous criminals, to signing executive orders that lay the groundwork for potential amnesty, his initial approach has been more about pleasing the radical left than keeping our country safe.

The Administration has made clear that they want to work with Congressional Democrats to continue to advance these bad policies legislatively. A new report from Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee warns that if the Biden Administration continues to pursue this radical agenda, it will result in less security at the border, reduced interior enforcement, and an increased risk from criminal and other aliens who want to do us harm.

Key arguments from the report:

  • Administration Amnesty – President Trump sought to reign in the out-of-control use of administrative amnesty in U.S. immigration policy. President Biden has reversed course and signaled his intention to return to the radical administrative amnesty policies of the Obama-Biden Administration, which will damage the integrity of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Border Security – President Trump delivered on his campaign promise by completing 450 miles of border wall, implementing policies aimed at reducing frivolous asylum claims, and instituting a program to make those border crossers who claim asylum wait in Mexico for the duration of their immigration court proceedings, among other things. Some of President Biden’s first actions in office were to reverse these policy successes.
  • Interior Security – President Trump’s interior security policies were aimed at cracking down on sanctuary jurisdictions, ending the Obama-Biden policy of catch and release, and increasing the arrest and removal of deportable aliens. President Biden’s continued reversal of President Trump’s policies will make America less safe and encourage more illegal immigration.
  • National Security and Rule of Law – President Trump took bold and decisive action to prevent bad actors from entering our country. These actions were in line with the fact that America’s immigration law and policy must be created and implemented with a focus on national security. President Biden’s reversal of the President Trump’s travel ban, for example, shows he is not prioritizing the safety and security of the American people.

The full report can be read here or below: