Biden Is Exacerbating The Border Crisis. Dems Would Make It Worse.

For days, House Republicans have explained how the open borders policies instituted by President Biden since taking office have encouraged migrants to flood the southwest border and create the crisis our nation is currently facing. During a House Homeland Security Committee hearing yesterday, Representative Michael McCaul effectively outlined to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas why the Administration’s policy changes have created this crisis:
REP. McCAUL“I think you sent exactly the wrong message when you stated, quote: “We are not saying don’t come, we’re just saying don’t come now.” That is not a message of deterrence. The Trump administration, in my judgment, did a masterful job in negotiating the remain in Mexico policy and the asylum cooperative agreements with Central America. It was a foreign policy achievement, actually. And it worked, migrants had to wait in Mexico for their asylum trial and the border was under control. However, with the stroke of a pen by President Biden these policies have been reversed and cancelled. Cartels and traffickers see the green light is on at our southern border and the United States is open for business again. Again, the message is come on in. Just like that, catch and release has returned as a policy of this nation, and so, Mr. Secretary, has the threat.” 

These points come as Republicans on the Homeland Security Committee have developed additional information to detail how President Biden is directly responsible for this crisis:

Instead of urging President Biden to reverse the policies he has put in place that have caused this crisis or trying to work with Republicans to address it, House Democrats are intent on making it worse. One of the bills they will vote on today extends mass amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, which will only further incentivize migrants to unlawfully try to enter the United States because they will see that there are no consequences if they try to break our laws. For more on this mass amnesty bill and how it would exacerbate the current crisis, see the below doc from Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee:

In addition to the mass amnesty bill, another piece of legislation that will get a vote today will continue to encourage more illegal immigration by convincing migrants that they can stay in our country even if they enter unlawfully. See the following document from Republicans on the Judiciary Committee that emphasizes how this bill would allow for more amnesty and ultimately more illegal immigration:

President Biden and his Administration have demonstrated that they are not serious about addressing the border crisis. They won’t even call it a crisis and are unwilling to reverse their policies that have created the current situation. Now, House Democrats are complicit in this crisis as well. Instead of recognizing that there is a problem along the border or trying to solve it, they are committed to advancing policies that will only make it worse and create more disorder at the southern border.